1. Dayton Train

From the recording Fill Dirt Wanted

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God dang the dayton train you best take you another way
you’ll be sitting here all day damn the dayton train

that old union pacific moves slower every day
they take their union lunches and draw their union pay
they ought ta get up and straighten that curve a little and let her pick up some speed
cuz i know there are plenty of ethylene oxide consumers in dire need


it's an unharmonious marriage between the road and the rail

longer than the line to heaven hotter than the pits of hell
my air conditioning system is lacking a charge
my old hound dog's just a moaning cuz she knows just where we are


i'd be a lucky dog if i were on the other side
cuz i can see the liquor store right behind car 99
but i'm staring at a rattle can painting looks like it took days to do
i wonder if they were waiting on the dayton train too