From the recording Fill Dirt Wanted

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he's got catfish bait in his pocket tee
a styrofoam cooler and some homemade speed
he's going down where you don’t wanna go
the last mailbox marks the end of the road
but he stops at the church stares at the steeple
wonders why god forgot about his people
his kinda people
gear jammers marshall tucker lovers probation evaders roustabouters carnival ride operators and your run
of the mill sons a bitches
he ain’t praying for luck he ain’t praying for love
he's praying for a flathead on the end of that jug
catfish and okra on the stove for supper he's getting tired of beans and butter

he's got them south east south east texas trinity river bottom blues

well he got kicked out the kkk
for breaking the grand master's leg
he's got a better way of thinking nowadays

he never liked them sorry bastards anyway
he did a little time in 97 for stealing the starter out a flat bed chevy
it wasn’t too damn hard to prove they caught him red handed at the buffalo too
now he's getting by selling pick ya uppers with his 3rd wife lorrie he says he loves her
he sings her Whitley and old George Jones, says do you know he's from saratoga
she says yeah i know and so does every one else around here

lorrie used to work at the circle b
until a woman walk in smelling like diamond rings
she said go out there and fill up my mercedes young lady
lorrie filled it full of gas, but it was a diesel, she didn't make it very far


they’re coming out the bottoms hitting 105
the ain’t got the money but they got the time
to go down to rye for a new transaction
with an sd40 and lorrie's pump action
bo dean ain’t one to turn down a fight
his shoes are dirty as hell and laced up tight
lorrie says honey what if things go south
well then keep your finger on the trigger and shut your mouth darling
when this is all over i'll take you to town
wine you and dine you and drive you around
we'll go see eugene the south korean that owns randy's boot store in the middle of cleveland
he's always got your size


lorrie's smoking on a red pall mall
bo dean's just a chewing on his jaw
when they hand this fella an old stuffed pig
that's right an old stuffed pig
it was purple it had eyebrows and it was stuffed full of illegal narcotics
it was quite the peculiar situation, pigs don’t have eyebrows
he hands them a wad of cash
they hop in the car and they haul ass
come on baby let's celebrate
where you wanna go
well won't you take me to the hot biscuit


well it was high times for bo dean and lorrie
living by the river like an old love story
put a brand new carb in the old ranchero
got matching tattoos with a heart and an arrow
but late one night they went for a swim
they were all strung out and this is the end
that undertow towed em under
and they’re gone gone gone
damn the luck