1. Potato Salad

From the recording Fill Dirt Wanted

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when I die my only regret, will prolly just be being dead
missing out on all the funeral pies, the guitar picking and the lone star light
and hearing all the lies about how good i was
i wonder if anybody will remember my name
if they don’t my momma's potato salad will be to blame

i can see them now just gathered around like a bunch of stoned squirrels with their tongues hanging out
saying oh my god tyann what is in this

you see this world is a wild and crazy place, can't be quite as crazy as out there in space
you see a pretty shooting star i see a comet crashing into mars and stomping his ass like he owed him
theres nothing wrong in seeing the good, its just a little harder to see sometimes

what do you do when the powder is wet, looky here friend they call this a bayonet
that's a metaphor if you couldn’t tell it means quit your whining and make something of yourself
cuz after all we are all dying

i've seen too many people just waste away like ships in the harbor on a calm cool day
there's so much out there that you’ve gotta see i've seen it all so take it from me
the essence of nature truly is all around us and damn its beautiful

so come on man tell me whats it gonna be you gonna stare in them haunted waters or you gonna head on
out to sea
time's a wasting clock's a ticking and the sun's a burnin out
and before you know it someone's making potato salad