1. Saratoga Light

From the recording Fill Dirt Wanted

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there's a steel rail a steel rail, runs 8 miles long
it's carrying all the evergreens for to build all the homes
there's a steel rail a steel rail owned by the santa fe
it's where I left my woman I could not make her stay

i was working in a rice field down in dayton making 20 cents a day
when i heard in saratoga they're paying three times my pay
so I thumbed me down a company man and he took me down the road
said you go down to bragg station boy you ain’t never coming home
i was holed up in a lumber camp trying to make a hand
i can swing an axe i could fall a pine i could drink like any man
and i'd go on down to batson town to see my woman there

juanita was the one i loved with palmetto in her hair


it's a hard thing to swallow when you beg steal and borrow for the perfect wedding band
but it's easy to believe what happened that day i caught her with a railroad man
a shot ran out through the thicket that morning you could hear it up in abilene
she should've known better when i promise forever forever is what i mean
juanita laid down in the cold hard ground neath the shade of a cedar tree
that railroad man up and ran he's lost as lost can be
they hung me from a rope cuz the judge and the jury said my intention was crystal clear
so i'll walk this road each night till i find him that no good engineer