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there's no road too winding, there's no road too long
there's no road too empty to sing my songs, to sing my songs
there's no wall too tall, there's no hole too deep
there's no rock too sharp, under my feet, under my feet

I have gone astray, I will face the day, i'm not afraid of being alone
county roads to black top towns, interstate big city bound
i'm going wherever that wind blows, there's no road too cold

there's no heart too broken, there's no bed too warm
there's no words too sweet to keep me home, to keep me home
i'll tell ya something, i thought you knew
i love you baby, but i'll leave you too


there's pie in the sky so why even try
if glory's in heaven then just lay down and die
but i've felt heaven and i've seen glory
it's laid out on this old highway before me



i've let go my chains, i'm still wearing shackles
i am as free as i'll ever be
see the worry’s got my mind, on the brightest of days
i'm too tired to run, too scared to stay

won't you hold the line, together we falter together we shine
won't you hold the line, when the day is done you are the one
won't you hold the line

i could fall for you dear if it weren’t for the fall
i cant understand how you’ve held on so long
i just wanna hold you in a true lover's way
my heart will fight for you but my mind will push you away