1. C.C.C.

From the recording Fill Dirt Wanted

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the soil has moved south with the Arkansas river, even the buzzards won't stick around here

the dust don’t settle and the wind don’t break, it's a dust bowl tragedy

but the CCC is the working man's way, instead of walking around in circles i get three squares a day
a short handle shovel and two pairs of shoes the CCC is alright by me

i've heard it said that you reap what you sow so we're filling up the gulleys full of new top soil
gonna heal up the land that we all call home the new deal's the remedy


there's 2000 dead on a north pacific shore, packing up the shovels ain’t gonna dig no more
gonna give us a springfield and a colt 45, the tree army’s gonna bring it home

the us army is the fighting man's way, uncle sams a hollering say well be on our way
get a foldable shovel and 2 pairs of boots yeah the us army’s alright by me